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CPSC File Storage
Posted by Test Staff on 13 September 2013 02:41 PM

CPSC staff/faculty and students have unique home directories accessible remotely and onsite. The following are the locations of the home directories.

Location / Mount Point
 Membership  Quota
/home/profs Professor / Instructor / Sessional -
/home/research Research / Post Doctoral Fellows -
/home/staff Staff -
/home/grads Graduate Student -
/home/uga Undergrad Student 400 meg
/home/ugb Undergrad Student 400 meg
/home/ugc Undergrad Student 400 meg
/home/ugd Undergrad Student 400 meg

On Windows systems these drives are automatically mounted as the "U:\" drive.


Disk quota is the amount of storage space allocated to a user. Undergradudate accounts are assigned disk quota on their user accounts. The amount of quota is determined each semester by the number and types of courses in which they are registered. Please refer to the above table for disk quota for your membership group.

If an undergrad has been assigned insufficient disk space to complete course work, then a request for increased quota must be submitted to from one of their professors.

To view your Unix quota limits and usage:

  • quota -v
Faculty, graduate students and staff have no imposed quotas and must be self policing. In the event of a filled disk, a usage report will be generated and the top consumers will be asked to clean up immediately.
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